Homes for Sale in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Spring Garden Acreage - US$260,000 (EC$700,000)
Gently Sloping 5 Acres

Harmony Hall Classic - US$523,000 (EC$1,400,000)
Tranquil Cul-de-Sac Location

Lot in Belmont Community - US$87,467 (EC$234,412)
Fantastic Grenadines View!

Begonia Dr Cane Garden - US$410,477  (EC$1,100,000)
Lovely Home on a Cul-de-Sac

Brighton Contemporary - US$690,298 (EC$1,850,000)
Gently Sloping Ocean View

Property Desgin

Luxury Contemporary - US$2,500,000 (EC$6,750,000)
Elegant Architectural Design

Prospect Value - US$242,537 (EC$650,000)
Excellent value! Great Location!

Villa Apartment - US$750,000  (EC$2,000,000) Three Apartments in 7,000 sq. ft

Villa 4 Deck

Friendship Bay  Bequia - US$2,500,000 (EC$6,750,000)
Luxury Beach Villas

Gated front entry

Cane Garden Gem- US$302,000 (EC$810,000)
Beautifully Designed Home

Estates for Sale in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Cumberland Estates - US$3.55M (EC$9.58M)
30 Acres with its own beach

Home For Sale in Prospect Point

Prospect Point - US$1,300,000  (EC$3,500,000) Elegant 9,000 sq. ft. luxury home

New Front

Cane Garden Beauty - US$575,000 (EC$1,550,000)
Fully Air Conditioned 5400 sq ft

The House

Evesham Acreage- US$593,000 (EC$1,600,000)
Splendid 5.45 Acres

front view

Upper Bay St. - US$1,985,000 (EC$5,360,000)
Commercial/Income Property

Lots for sale in St Vincent and the Grenadines

South Union Lots - US$37,323 (EC$100,772)
Minutes to New International Airport

Looking at the Lot from the Road

Queen's Dr Lot - US$83,207 (EC$224,658)
Close to Arnos Vale Airport

Front view

Cozy in Spring - US$170,000 (EC$460,000)
Close to Argyle International Airport

Port Elizabeth in the Distance

Prime Bequia Lot - US$350,000    (EC$945,000) 10 Years 0% Seller Financing

Hope Beach

Mountain Pleasant Acreage - US$451,733 (EC$1,219,680)
Scenic 4 Acre Lot

Property for Sale on Bequia

Sugar Hill Apartments - US$1,500,000 (EC$4,050,000)
Amazing Views all on 1.12 Acres

Front View

Cane Hall Beauty - US$629,630 (EC$1,700,000)
Bright, Spacious Pristine Home

Front view2

C&R Supermarket and Apartments - US$556,000 (EC$1,500,000)
Commercial/Income Property

The front view

Pembroke Eagles Lodge - US$407,404 (EC$1,100,000)
2 Self Contained Apartments

Homes for Sale

L'ance aux Epines, St George's - US$3,500,000
 Prickly Bay - Three Story


L'ance aux Epines, St George's - US$1,600,000
 Nutmeg Bay Villa - Approx. 2 Acres


Fort Juedy Residence, St George's - US$750,000
 2 Storey - Land Area Approx. 15,350 sq ft

Avalon Front View

Avalon by the Sea - US$745,000 (EC$1,997,000)
2 Story fully equipped Villa